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Sicilian Organic Lemon Marmalade 370 gr

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Our Sicilian organic lemon marmalade owns a brilliant colour, a fresh scent and a strong taste – a typical feature of lemons. 

Raw material: Organic lemons
Production area: Mount Etna, Catania, 200-400 meters above sea level  



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Our Sicilian organic lemon marmalade owns a brilliant colour, a fresh scent and a strong taste – a typical feature of lemons. 

Try this marmalade and transform your breakfast or snack into a delicious moment. It is ideal to garnish fruit tarts

Mild climate, a balanced moisture content, calcareous soils, salty air: these are the ideal ripening conditions of lemons in eastern Sicily. ‘Femminello Siracusano’ and ‘Interdonato Messinese’ are lemon varieties owning unique features being rich in juice and having an intense aroma. Cultivated according to organic farming methods (no chemical agents), farmers try to preserve lemon natural qualities: rich in mineral salts and vitamin C, lemon has a strong detoxing power. Few hours after the harvest, the best fruits are selected manually, knife-cut and preserved at very low temperatures; in this way farmers protect the fruit integrity and the essential oils of orange peels.  Pulp and peels are finely ground and, then, mixed with organic cane sugar and fruit pectin.

Our Sicilian organic lemon marmalade is realized only with natural and organic ingredients without the addition of fruit concentrate or colours.   

Additional Info

Additional Info

Ingredients Organic lemons with peels
Organic cane sugar
Gelling agent: fruit pectin
Acidifier: citric acid
Fruit content: 45 g. per 100 g
Total sugar content: 60 g. per 100 g
Raw Material Organic lemons
Production area Mount Etna, Catania. 200-400 meters above sea level
Harvest Winter
Quality Certificate Bio


Very nice marmaladeReview by Anselm
I bought 4 packs and it is very nice. Thank you (Posted on 1/29/2016)

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Produced by

Fattoria Sicilsole

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