Terre Nere

Terre Nere is a young company founded in Viagrande, a small hilly center at the foot of Mount Etna, near Catania.
It can be considered as the result of Massimo Pulvirenti and Alfio Chiarenza’s great passion towards their land of origin and its products grown at the shadow of the volcano. The deep territorial knowledge allows a very careful selection of fruit, honey, and spices choosing small local producers and respecting seasonal variability and harvest goodness. The same attitude is destined to the manual selection, preparation, and cleaning of fruit in order to preserve its consistency and integrity. The precious and original pairings with spices and dried fruit exalt the organoleptic features of the selected raw material. Terre Nere is a challenge: to preserve all colors and flavors of an extraordinary land inside a jar respecting seasons and nature. 

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