Porta del Vento

Fourteen hectares of vineyard on sandy soils at more than 600 meters above sea level: Porta del Vento is in Camporeale, a small town near Palermo in the heart of the Alto Belice Corleonese area. This is an area that has been destined to wine-growing for centuries thanks to the northern solar exposition and strong temperature changes. Marco Sferlazzo, a passionate winemaker, leads his vineyards with no use of synthetic chemicals in a perfect relation with nature and its balance. Nero d'AvolaPerricone and Catarratto grow as trees; grape harvest is manual and grapes are placed in crates while production yields are low (between 4000 and 6000 kilos per hectare). When in cellar grapes follow their natural process in order to exalt scents and freshness of these varieties limiting external interventions.

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  • Maquè Nero d'Avola e Perricone 2013 PGI Terre Siciliane 750 ml

    Maquè '13 is a wine produced with indigenous Sicilian vine varieties - Nero d'Avola and Perrione -  cultivated on sandy soils in  Camporeale, Palermo, at more than  600 meters above the sea.
    Try Marquè ’13 and  pair it with first courses seasoned with meat sauce!

    Vine variety: Nero d'Avola & Perricone
    Gradation: 13%
    Production area: Contrada Valdibela, Camporeale (Palermo), 600 meters above sea level

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