Olis Geraci

The Olis Geraci olive tree groves are in Partanna, near Trapani, on the hills of the Valle del Belice.
Geraci is a family who loves Sicily and its fruits deeply; for this reason Olis Geraci has valorized this territory, its fruits, and its traditions. Nocellara del Belice – an indigenous and precious cultivar – can be considered as a symbol of the Sicilian tradition; its oil owns the quality assurance label for Italian food products called ‘Denominazione di Origine Protetta’, DOP (protected designation of origin, PDO, in English). The oil features are unique thanks to the production area characteristics where olives grow; for this reason, it is not possible to obtain the same cultivar result in other geographical areas. Thanks to the special attention to olive harvest and processing, Olis Geraci has won several prizes and quality awards.

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